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3 Healthy Drinks That Will Help You Lose Fat

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If you’re on a diet, and trying to lose weight, it’s important to differentiate between muscle and fat. The goal is to lose body fat, not lose muscle. One way to accomplish this it to lift weights. However, another important aspect is to have the right diet. This includes the right beverages. Instead of drinking soda, beer, and other things that won’t assist you in your goal, include these three healthy drinks in your diet and lose fat. Green Tea Green tea is well known for its tremendous health benefits. It’s also great for helping you burn fat. It’s not just the caffeine, though that does help. The special ingredient in green tea that helps with fat loss is a chemical called EGCG catechin. There have been studies that determined that this chemical increased the bodies fat burning capabilities. So, you might want to switch out that flavored ice coffee (which is filled with sweeteners or cream) to a iced green tea without sugar. Or you could have it brewed hot and drink it with a bit of lemon or honey. Whey Protein Shake In order to preserve muscle while you are dieting you need to have adequate protein. This can be tricky if you’re on a diet. You might be restricting your caloric intake and don’t have room for excess foods. What you can do is add a protein shake to your diet. These are made by mixing a powdered protein powder made of whey (derived from milk) and water. They are low in calories, but high in protein. The way they make whey powder protein is to remove all the fat and lactose (sugar) from the milk, and then dry out the whey. This is then mixed with water. You can get as much protein from a whey shake as you would a full meal. A scoop of whey protein will have around 20 grams of protein and only 100 calories. Full Fat Milk Don’t make the mistake of thinking that full fat milk will make you fat. Some people choose 1% or 2%, but there is evidence that drinking full fat milk will actually help you lose body fat. Studies have been done and found that men who had full fat dairy were less likely to become obese when compared to men who never had it in their diet. Whole milk has protein, which is great for your muscles, plus it has fat which will make you feel full and quell hunger. For more information, talk to a professional like Get Trim...

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Three Techniques For Serving Juicy Chicken Breasts

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Many people overcook their chicken, which can leave it tough and dry. Making juicy chicken breasts boils down to how you prepare them. With a few new techniques in your cooking arsenal, you’ll be enjoying delicious, moist chicken breasts in no time. Take A Hammer To Them If you’re looking for the perfect addition to pasta dishes or salads, look no further than flattened chicken breasts. Flattening a chicken breast keeps the breast from becoming dry and tough.  When you flatten a chicken breast with a mallet, the pounding motion breaks up the muscle fibers within the breast. When the muscle fibers are broken, it can make a naturally tough piece of meat more tender. The flattening process also gives the chicken breast an even thickness throughout. Having an even thickness throughout the breast will keep parts of the breast from becoming overdone before other parts are fully cooked. When flattening a chicken breast, all you need is a meat mallet, a cutting board and some plastic wrap. Place the chicken breast between two pieces of plastic wrap, and put it on the cutting board. Next, pound the chicken breast with the meat mallet until the breast is an even thickness throughout. If the chicken breast is large, you can cut it in half before using the mallet.   Put A Lid On It You can keep chicken breasts tender during the cooking process by keeping them covered. Simply sear the breast until it’s brown on both sides to keep the juices from escaping. Next you should put a small amount of liquid in the pan and place a lid on top. Adding a lid allows the steam to cook the meat evenly from all sides. The steam also keeps too much moisture from evaporating from the chicken during the cooking process. Let Them Rest Chicken breasts need to rest after cooking. During the cooking process, the muscle fibers of meat contract, which allows the juices of the meat to pool in the center of the cut. If you cut into a chicken breast immediately after cooking, the juices just run out and you’re left with a dry piece of meat. When meat is allowed to rest, the muscle fibers expand and the juices from the meat retreat from the center and are reabsorbed by the meat. The larger the cut of meat, the longer the resting time should be. To allow the meat to rest, just remove it from the heat and place it on the dish you plan to serve it on. The better the chicken you start with, the better your results will be. For tastier, juicier chicken, try starting with organic chicken from a retailer like The Organic...

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