3 Healthy Drinks That Will Help You Lose Fat

If you're on a diet, and trying to lose weight, it's important to differentiate between muscle and fat. The goal is to lose body fat, not lose muscle. One way to accomplish this it to lift weights. However, another important aspect is to have the right diet. This includes the right beverages. Instead of drinking soda, beer, and other things that won't assist you in your goal, include these three healthy drinks in your diet and lose fat.

Three Techniques For Serving Juicy Chicken Breasts

Many people overcook their chicken, which can leave it tough and dry. Making juicy chicken breasts boils down to how you prepare them. With a few new techniques in your cooking arsenal, you'll be enjoying delicious, moist chicken breasts in no time. Take A Hammer To Them If you're looking for the perfect addition to pasta dishes or salads, look no further than flattened chicken breasts. Flattening a chicken breast keeps the breast from becoming dry and tough.